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200 _aEstágio em coordenação de estudos clínicos na CUF Academic Center
_fMiguel Maria Andrade Martins Correia
_gorient. Alexandra Nunes
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_cNOVA Medical School, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
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328 _bDissertação de Mestrado
_cGestão da Investigação Clínica
_eFaculdade de Ciências Médicas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
330 _aThis report falls within the scope of the master’s degree in Clinical Research Management. It describes the activities conducted during the internship in Clinical Studies Coordination, in the Clinical Studies Unit of the CUF Academic Center, in the Hospital CUF Descobertas and Hospital CUF Tejo. The main goal of this curricular internship was to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the master’s program and develop new skills to perform functions as a Study Coordinator that will allow work autonomously and efficiently in the future. In the first part of the report an introduction is made about Clinical Research, in this part, the subject of Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials is approached, identifying the challenges inherent to this type of Studies, and exploring measures to be applied to boost their development. In the second part, the activities conducted during my internship as a Study Coordinator are described. The activities are divided by the distinct types of Clinical Studies monitored, Industry Initiative and Investigator Initiative Studies. This experience was beneficial on a personal and professional level since it allowed to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired and develop new skills that contribute to better prepare for a professional path in the context of Clinical Research.
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_bMiguel Maria Andrade Martins
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